Rendering maps and images

Using open source software

> Playing around with POV-Ray to render simulation data, generated using PKDGRAV, an N-body gravitational code written in C. Examples below include a Moon formation scenario, a planet-forming disk around a binary system with eccentricity waves, and hexagonally/randomly packed rubble-pile asteroids (see Veras et al, 2013).

moon disk binary disk asteroids

> Using Generic Mapping Tools to illustrate scientific writing:

schematic mapschematic map
Below is a high resolution topological map of the Main Ethiopian Rift using data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, with intricate structures delineated and the white square indicating the interferogram footprint for a wideswath InSAR project.

I'm increasingly interested in questioning maps (and maps that question) – for example, where is this knowledge situated and how/can the position be revealed? How can mapping be used to connect or surveil? Whose land is it that is being mapped?